Enterprise 7.4 – Service Pack 9

The following is a list of issues addressed in Service Pack 9 only.  This service pack was release July 14th, 2015.

New Requirements

  • .Net Framework 3.5
  • .Net Framework 4.0
  • Crystal Reports Runtime v13

General Compatibility Added

  • Client Environment: Windows 10

Account Receivable

  • AR Cash Receipt Entry has visible an object that shouldn’t
  • eBO – Void Unposted Invoices <ENH AR Report to show voided unposted invoices>
  • AR Aged Receivables report with “Order By Currency” checked display blank pages.
  • AR Tax Authority Listing wrong zoom fields.
  • eBO – Cash Receipts Entry <Cancelling the details screen of a Cash receipt entry does not work and leads to
  • eBO AR -<SCR Credit Memo entry that has duplicate lines of Description,unit price, quantity will only shows one line in Unposted Credit Memo Listing>
  • AR Aging report displays different results based on Aged By Option 7.4 vs 7.3.5
  • eBO – Customer Profile <AR Periodic Calculations corrupting NSF in table arsumcus>
  • Incorrect information sent to Avalara for Freight and Tax only CM type
  • eBO – Aged Receivables <Database error 220: Arithmetic overflow error for data type smallint>
  • GL Customer Name as GL description is incorrect for AR invoices.
  • eBO – Non AR Cash Receipts Entry <ENH Non AR Cash Entry should allow negative lines>

Account Payable

  • eBO – Approve Transactions <AP apmaster_all corrupted after approving remit to default>
  • Account Payable has stopped working error when trying to change org in voucher.
  • eBO-Accruals Generator<AP Accrual Generator error on Receipt AP option when there are remit to’s>
  • eBO – General Ledger <GL Account Merge Errors related to new columns in gltrx>
  • Cannot load debit memo/ payment by date range
  • eBO – Aged Payables <Performance issue at running Aged payable report>
  • AP duplicate recurring invoice edit rule does not work for recurring vouchers.
  • eBO – Create EFT File <EFT Bank Name Change, changing all existing eft_aptr records>
  • eBO – Voucher Entry <AP Reference codes Not Saving for Intercompany Vouchers>
  • ENH AP report to include new check number correlation replacing the voided one.

Account Matching

  • eBO – Matching Entry <AP Applydate within the matching screen does not tie with the apply date entered>
  • eBO – Matching Entry <AP Any user can unhold batches that need approval>
  • eBO – Matching <AP Matching Tolerance Approval not working properly for POs with partial matchings>

General Ledger

  • Journal Posting <GL Detail Description not populated for Payments in 7.4 SP8>
  • FW:EPR request – 054311 – GL The account code is invalid for the organization when posting IC vouch
  • eBO – General Ledger <Cancel printing of General Ledger report causing CPU usage reach 100%>
  • GL Error when trying to drilldown to voucher transaction in Account Profile

Cash Management

  • eBO – Credit Memo Entry <Tax Only and Tax and Freight Only Credit Memo Type should not be available with Avalara Tax Code
  • SCR Workflow


  • eBO – Exchange Rate Listing <Report displays parameters window with new crystal 2013 patch>


  • eBO – User Security Users can still access User Security through the Tools menu
  • 7.4 SP8 Reports do not keep the parameters after typing them

Crystal Reports

  • eBO – General Ledger <trying to run any report, the report parameters are not taken/saving at typing the data on them>
  • Reports: Migrate Crystal 2008 to Crystal 2013
  • eBO-General <Application hangs after open reports>
  • eBO – Posted Credit Memo Listing <Credit Memo entry that has duplicate lines of Description,unit price, quantity will only shows one line>
  • eBO – Apply Fin/Late Charges <Unable to apply Late/Fin charges>
  • eBO – Vendor <Vendor Merge Process Hangs>


Reference: Epicor Enterprise 7.4 Service Pack 9 Release Notes and Installation Guide (FS74SP9.doc)

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