E4SE 8.2 – Service Pack 11

The E4SE 8.2 Service Pack 11 was recently release.  The following is extracted from the included Release Notes.  This post only includes update information from Service Pack 11.  Please refer to the documentation for previous updates and more detailed information.



  • Artifact.xsd needs updating to match current ProjectRule and Expense table structure.


  • Certification of Financials 7.4 SP6.
  • Certification of Financials 7.3.6 SP5.
  • Certification of Internet Explorer 11.

Exchange Interface

  • Email format for conflicted changes.
  • Updates to E4SE events on Exchange are not sent back to E4SE.
  • E4SE All-day events are not synchronized correctly when the Send Events flag is on.
  • Modifications of E4SE events synched to Exchange fail after second time.
  • All-day events are not correctly sent to Exchange in the first synchronization.
  • E4SE recurring events are not updated in Exchange when recurrence is removed.
  • Recurrent events cannot be sent using iCalendar.
  • Updates to contacts sent as vCards are not synchronized.
  • Updated E4SE appointments and contacts in Exchange are not synched back.
  • E4SE event title updates should only be permitted on events not associated with a project.
  • Recurring events are not updated correctly.
  • “Try-Catch” statements in the code do not throw exceptions.
  • Typo in Exchange stored procedures.

Financial Integration

  • no updates

General and System Administration 

  • no updates

Customer Relationship Management

  •  Customer – The Customer is not identified on the Address errors.
  • Opportunity – Cannot reopen an Opportunity after promoting and closing.



Sales Order Management

  • no updates

Purchase Management

  • no updates

Inventory Management 

  • no updates

Shipping Management 

  • no updates

Receiving Management 

  • no updates

Product Data Management 

  • no updates



  • Auto-Draft Billing – Customer contact incorrectly inserted into Billing Detail.
  • Batch Expense Entry – Tax Code is not validated correctly doing a cross-site expense.
  • Billing Detail – Billing Detail data corruption with Fixed Price billing.
  • Billing Summary – Add other filters when creating billing drafts.
  • Billing Summary – Billing Summary performance when cancelling multiple billings.
  • Direct Recognition – DirectRecognitionNonChargeableCosts WS is recognizing remote expenses when projects have the same project code.
  • Disbursement Entry – Disbursement Entry does not default in expense information after selecting Transaction Type.
  • Disconnected Client – Internal Projects that contains a ProjectGroupCode are not displayed like Connected.
  • Exchange Interface User Options – Send Resource Calendar Events with Time Zone field is ignored.
  • Expense Transfer and Reversal – Internal expenses are saved with status of E and cannot be approved in Time and Expense approvals form.
  • My Projects – My Projects has no indication Project has transaction locks.
  • Organizational Unit – GL Masking value updates for Project Organization or Resource Organization can cause data corruption.
  • Project Calendar – Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when searching in Project Calendar.
  • Project Planner – Remote resources are not being copied in Project Team for new revisions during approval.
  • Project Planner – Revise Plan to Actuals error with max length Expense Type codes.
  • Project Ratesets – Performance issues with large resource teams.
  • Project Resource Planner – Delete button in Recurring dialog does not work.
  • Project Resource Planner – After clicking revalue button, filter is undone but ‘Planned Items Filter On’ check box stays on.
  • Project Resource Planner – Able to enter the Project Name into the resource planning grid.
  • Project Resource Planner – Revise Plan to Actuals does not delete planned resource category amounts.
  • Project Rules – Bill and Tax fields are not cleared when the Internal Flag is selected.
  • Project Rules – Billing Schedules amounts are not rounded.
  • Project Rules – Used Cap calculation inconsistency can result in incorrect Billings.
  • Project Team – Adding resources through Team button is not saving EPMResourceUID in database.
  • Project Team – Future employed resources do not appear in searches.
  • Resource Allocation – Resources with End Employment Date are not displayed in Resource Allocation.
  • Resource Allocation – Incorrect Availability for cross-site resources.
  • Resource Calendar – Incorrect determination of non-working days.
  • Resource Calendar – Incorrect string length limit on Additional Resources section.
  • Resource Calendar – Activity Description is always null.
  • Resource Replacement – Resource Replacement after initial replacing does not work.
  • Revenue Recognition – Duplicate drafts created when you cancel manual revenue recognition process.
  • Revenue Recognition – Unable to delete a single Draft Recognition unless you are quick.
  • Time and Expense Approval – SingleApproverFlag in the TimeAwaitingApproval table is not getting set to 1 when there are multiple approvers on the project.
  • Time and Expense Approval – Initially only enables first Time item.
  • Time Transfer and Reversal – Unable to transfer Times having a Location Code specified.
  • Time Entry – Tab sequence for notes when working in Time Sheet/List sections.
  • Time Entry – Time Type default of Time Preferences is not working in Time Sheet/List.
  • Time Entry – Recall failure “brings down” Time Entry for Resource.
  • Time Entry – Default Time Type in Time Sheet is not working as expected in Time Entry.
  • Time Entry – Project Lock Error when project is not locked.


View Service Pack 10 updates


Happy installation!

Please comment below if you have any questions or need assistance.

Reference: Epicor for Service Enterprises Closed Issues Release Notes Version 8.2 SP 11 (E4SEReleaseNotesClosedIssues_8.2 SP11.pdf)


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