Enterprise 7.4 – Service Pack 6

The following is a list of issues addressed in Service Pack 6 only.  This service pack was release Feb 5th, 2014.

General Compatibility Added

  • Client Environment:
    • Windows 8.1(64bit)
    • Windows 7 Professional
  • Server Environment:
    • Windows 2012 (64bit)
    • SQL 2012 R2 (32/64bit) (The database can be on a 64-bit machine, but application components and services must run on a 32-bit machine.)
    • SQL 2008 R2 (32/64bit) (The database can be on a 64-bit machine, but application components and services must run on a 32-bit machine.)

Account Receivable

  • Credit Memo Post – String or Binary data would be truncated appears after import and post a credit memo coming from Import Manager.
  • Invoice Entry – SO Entry creating invoices with wrong location codes.
  • Credit Memo Entry – Re-Bill Button brings date as 00/00/0000 and Ctrl Num is not generated..
  • Credit Return – An Error message is displayed when posting a credit return.
  • AR Ship To Addresses Populated incorrectly in the artrxxtr table
  • Unhold Transactions – Tab sequence does not include Organization ranges.
  • AR Reconciliation – Error is displayed when running AR Reconciliation report in total style and using a journal number range.
  • Aged Receivables – Print Option – by Document Date not working.

Account Payable

  • Voucher Entry: error with link and notes
  • Check Printing Options – AP default not storing the top parameters under check.
  • Voucher Entry – When importing detail lines and no vendor is selected, totals are populated causing incorrect totals when reimporting with a valid vendor.
  • Voucher Entry – Import details does not work if you are logging with a non-administrator user and Extended Security ON also with a TPS user.
  • Explorer – Increase the Performance for the apvo1_sp.
  • Check Printing – Field apvend.vendor_code is not valid form field in check printing.
  • SCR Unable to import vouchers from Excel with TPS on
  • Vendor Maintenance – Error message at pulling a vendor with hold status.
  • Payment Entry – AP Amount On Account not populated when selecting a System or Bank Pymt Method.
  • Voucher Entry – AP Incorrect payment method when duplicate remit to codes exist for diff vendors.
  • Voucher Entry – Arrows to search for the reference code on voucher entry are not working.
  • 1099 2013- AP Issue message: cannot find gl_country_vw.country_code in 1099 Official IRS Address.

AP Matching

  • Matching – Matching two Purchase Orders combine both under on eProcurement PO Number.
  • Matching Entry – AP Tolerance Approval not saving for all matching numbers..
  • AP matching entry is not allowing to enter negative amounts.

General Ledger

  • Journal Posting – Account field in journal entry screen.
  • Recurring – Account Code field is not big enough to show the entire account code.
  • General Ledger – Full account code not displayed on reallocation detail.
  • GL report does not show reference codes
  • Journal Posting – Detail not avialable message for zero.
  • Transaction Entry – Delete multiple details option does not work.
  • Transaction Entry – Transaction totals showing extra decimal when MC is set to 2.
  • Transaction Entry – MC. Amounts importing with 5 decimals when the currency is set to 2.

Asset Management

  • AM errors out with a white windows with no error message in 64 Bit environment .
  • Retrieve Vouchers – 32 character Invoice Number is shown incomplete.


  • Statement Listing – Statement Listing showing data from other periods.


  •  Sales Order – Unable to post shipment when config setting SO_TAX_CALC_MTHD change to 2.
  • Explorer – Sales Order Explorer view not displaying 8 digit order numbers.
  • Shipping – Enter Description Here.


  • Explorer – Search citeria <> only displays results greater than.
  • Syntax error in doing search on Explorer’s voucher view
  • Payments Explorer View – Error message at drilling on details.
  • The explorer view “vendor and remit to” isn’t find in 7.4 SP5.
  • Workflow Multi Company Customers view filtered by Active status does not work

Multi Currency

  • no updates

System Manager

  • Workflow User security button disabled for windows NT users


  • Epicor crashes when selecting a company to which the user does not have access to.
  • Epicor ERAdesktop Freeze when Changing company in SQL 2012, in the change company selection screen.

Crystal Report

  • Report Server Maintanence – Report Queue server crashes at trying to send more than 20 emails.
  • Retrieve Vouchers – 32 character Invoice Number is shown incomplete.


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