E4SE 8.2 – Service Pack 10

The E4SE 8.2 Service Pack 10 was recently release.  The following is extracted from the included Release Notes.  This post only includes update information from Service Pack 10.  Please refer to the documentation for previous updates and more detailed information.


  • Certification – Certification of Microsoft Windows™8.
  • Certification – Certification of Financials 7.4 SP5.
  • Database – Missing dialog in the TimeExpense Security User group.
  • Financial Interface – Unable to import vouchers into e4se if Tax Code is setup with multiple VAT Tax Type Codes.
  • Journal Entry – Dates are not validated correctly when using a Locale different than English US.
  • Start Web Services – The FinancialsSync form does not open if this form was opened in a new window.

Financial Integration 

  • no updates

General and System Administration 

  • no updates

Customer Relationship Management UPDATES

  • Calls – Incorrect message displays when the Direction combo box is empty.
  • Customer – The Customer is not identified on the Address errors.
  • Customer – The Attention email in Financials is cleared when you update the customer record in E4SE.
  • Opportunity – E-mail information does not display completely
  • Team – Paging number error.


Sales Order Management UPDATES

  • Salesperson – Sequence number does not display correctly.

Purchase Management UPDATES

  • Purchase Order Line Types – New PO Lines, Task Name, and Expense Type do not take the value for the previously added PO Line.

Inventory Management 

  • no updates

Shipping Management 

  • no updates

Receiving Management 

  • no updates

Product Data Management 

  • no updates


  • Authorizations – Authorization Group Level resource approvals.
  • Batch Expense Entry – Batch Expense Entry has incorrect totals when using other value than Home Currency.
  • Batch Expense Entry – Database foreign key error displays or resources are added to the wrong revision when approving an expense batch that includes projects allowing unassigned entry and self-approval.
  • Billing Detail – The Project Task name does not display in Billing Detail.
  • Billing Summary – Billing Summary totals are not updated after opening Billing Detail form.
  • Billing Summary – Time Revalue Cutoff option improvement.
  • Disconnected Client – Transactions with tax included and expense currency different from claim currency are not properly synchronized.
  • Disconnected Client – Multi-Currency expenses are not correctly synchronized to the database.
  • Disconnected Client – Incorrect format dates in Time Entry Form, Expense Entry Form, and Synchronization Form of Russian Disconnected.
  • Disconnected Client – Unable to uninstall E4SE Disconnected client from Uninstall menu option.
  • Expense Entry – US mileage rate of .565 causes difference in Expense/Claim Amount.
  • Expense Entry – Object not found when copying an empty row in Expense list.
  • Expense Entry – When you create an expense type after opening the Expense form, you cannot use it in an expense transaction and an invalid message displays.
  • Expense Entry – Allow display of .pdf attachments.
  • Expense Transfer and Reversal – When you transfer expenses from one task to another, the last transferred Expense Type code is copied to all expenses.
  • Expense Transfer and Reversal – When you reverse remote expense transactions with the option of creating a new transaction, the new transaction is created at the Resource Site but has a negative Expense Unit and Unit Amount.
  • Expense Transfer and Reversal – Attachments are not copied when transferring to a remote project.
  • Expense Types – Rows can be deleted from the Unit Based Details section even when these were saved in the database.
  • Expense Types – The Effective From field for Unit Based line cannot be updated until the Unit Based Details section is sorted by any column.
  • Expense Types – When you add a new record, the Unit Based Detail section does not display.
  • MS Project Integration – Flag20 field error when updating the Epicor project.
  • MS Project Integration – E4SE project name is overwritten with the EPM project name saved in the MS project server.
  • MS Project Integration – The Load Time Actuals process does not work when Contractor resources submit time.
  • Project Materials – Error message displays when you use decimals in the Quantity field.
  • Project Planner – Unable to search by “Type” in the Project Code micro search.
  • Project Planner – Unable to save revisions with the “&” character.
  • Project Planner – Copy project does not copy or validate unsaved changes.
  • Project Planner – Enhancement of the task rule properties of the Project Planner and other forms.
  • Project Portfolio Inquiry – Performance improvements in Project Portfolio Inquiry form.
  • Project Ratesets – Different rates can be saved for the same Organization, Effective Date, Time Type, Activity, and Resource.
  • Project Ratesets – Resource not validated in Inter-organization cost rules section.
  • Project Resource Planner – Adding multiple resources to Project Planner from Resource Allocation does not work.
  • Project Resource Planner – Wrong message displays in the Recurring expenses web dialog when you enter an alphanumeric value in the Every field and click Generate.
  • Project Rules – The Bill and Tax fields are not cleared when the Internal Flag is selected.
  • Project Rules – When viewing the Billing Schedule records across multiple pages, the Bill Event types are copied from the first page’s records to all subsequent pages in the grid.
  • Project Team – The Clear button is not working properly.
  • Quick Project Setup – The Bill to Customer field is disabled when creating a project from a template and the Sold to Customer field is empty.
  • Resource Allocation – When a resource belongs to multiple organization, the calculation of available hours is incorrect.
  • Resource Allocation Report – Resource Allocation Report does not display certain scenarios rows.
  • Resource Categories – The form takes too long to load.
  • Resource Calendar – “Object not found.” Error displays when you delete a saved search criteria.
  • Resource Form – Rates are locked to only 2 digits or precision.
  • Standard Cost Maintenance – The Status bar does not display the correct message.
  • Time and Expense Approval – Missing dialog box in projects with unassigned flag.
  • Time Transfer and Reversal – Inactive Time Types display.
  • Time Entry – Comments do not display after adding transactions to Time Sheet or Time List.


Happy installation!

Please comment below if you have any questions or need assistance.

Reference: Epicor for Service Enterprises Closed Issues Release Notes Version 8.2 SP 10 (E4SEReleaseNotesClosedIssues_8.2 SP10.pdf)


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