E4SE 8.2 – Service Pack 6

The E4SE 8.2 Service Pack 6 was recently release.  The following is extracted from the included Release Notes.  This post only includes update information from Service Pack 6.  Please refer to the documentation for previous updates and more detailed information.


  • Analytic Views – Opportunity data mart is unable to load in SQL 2008 environment, error displays.
  • Business Intelligence – Initial Load of the Sales Analysis (Financials 7.4 BI) displays error.
  • Database – Several DBAccess.dispose() or SqlDataReader.close Missing in the PSA components. These technical bugs are, distributed in several methods and components.
  • Database – Several DBAccess.dispose() or SqlDataReader.close Missing in the ECS components. These technical bugs are, distributed in several methods and components.
  • iScala – DueDate is the same as InvDate when E4SE sends an invoice to iScala.
  • iScala – BackOfficeAP. IsProjectTaskUsedInBackOffice gets SiteURN as a parameter, and then creates an instance of BackOfficeGL using this SiteURN, instead of converting it to a SiteURL, which generates an exception.
  • SQL Jobs – SQL job for Project.UpdateApprovalForApprovedProject is not working.


Financial Integration 

  • Financials Interfaces – When clicking Export Button in SO Invoice Errors view, the, IBilling.BatchBillingARInvoiceNotification web service runs, instead ofISalesOrder.ExecuteARInvoiceNotification web service.
  • Financial Interface – AP Voucher entry form with E4SE integration does not allow edits on taxes.

General and System Administration 

  • Web Services – Masking Rules allow duplicates values in Details; this can cause inaccurate accounting treatments.
  • Web Services – The Expense.GetVoucherExpense references a bad schema.
  • Web Services – Payments not posting. Error message: “Amount applied to voucher is greater than the open balance of the voucher”.
  • Web Services – Performance problems for Revenue Recognition and Project, Planner Revalue.

Customer Relationship Management UPDATES

  • Opportunity Group – All opportunities are deleted after saving changes when before attempt delete the group.
  • Prospect – After been changed, the Default Action Plan value in UI goes back to the original defaulted action plan.
  • Prospect – Actions are getting appended to Default Action Plan actions when the action Plan is changed.


Sales Order Management UPDATES

  • Sales Order – If the user has sales order lines that are not project related, and tries to add a project to the sales order, the system warns the user that all non-project related lines will be deleted. When the user clicks Ok, the form freezes.
  • Sales Order Inquiry – An error message displays when the user opens the, Shipments dialog in the Sales Order Inquiry form.
  • Sales Order Line Type – When changing the value on item validation check box, a, “null is null” error message displays.
  • Sales Order Report – If ‘Salesperson’ or ‘Priority and Shipment Details checkbox (in Format section on Search panel) is checked, the information is not displayed and an ‘Error Server’ message displays.

Purchase Management 

  • Supplier – Changes to Tax Codes in Supplier are not syncing back to, Financials.

Inventory Management 

  • no updates

Shipping Management 

  • no updates

Receiving Management 

  • no updates

Product Data Management 

  • no updates


  • Batch Time Entry – If a non-existent project is keyed into Batch Time Entry or Batch, Expense Entry an inappropriate error message is issued.
  • Batch Time Entry – Runtime error is displayed when trying to save a Batch.
  • Billing – After applying adjustments, the incorrect tax rounding in Billing Detail table. If Tax Reporting is Header in the CurrencyRounding.xml, Taxes are rounded to Precision 6.
  • Billing Detail – In the Billing Detail form, when the “Adjustments” buttons on Line Summary or LineDetail (Time/Expense/Material sections) are used to change the billed amounts on draft billings, the taxes for each transaction are not recalculated.
  • Billing Summary – When materials are issued and reversed in the same billing, bill amounts for materials are incorrect, and task had a billing cap. Billing results display with negative amounts.
  • Disconnected – When synchronizing, the status no longer displays in the windows status bar at the bottom.
  • Disconnected – When setting two Expenses ready for approval, one in a Project and the second one in an Internal Expense, an “Invalid Project: Internal Expense” error displays.
  • Disconnected – When synchronizing the disconnected client without choosing a workload, makes impossible to choose a workload afterwards.
  • Disconnected – Synchronization is misspelled on the message box after a synch is executed.
  • Disconnected Client – The Expense transaction is not set as “Incomplete” when the, Expense Type is inactive.
  • Expense Entry – The Expense Type Project Flag is ignored when ExpoTypeCode is typed.
  • Expense Entry – In Expense Entry, the Account is not updated when changed from Error Logs.
  • Invoice Report – When printing invoices that contain Prebill billing schedules that contains a note, the “A child row has multiple parents” error displays.
  • Project Calendar – When clicking Schedule All, an “Input string was not in correct format” displays.
  • Project Integration – During the development of the CO 14988, related to the Load Time Actuals functionality, an issue was found related to entries with Overtime Hours. It was found that this was an error in the MS Project Server and a call was logged with MS Support.
  • Project Integration – When the Reduce Plan to Actuals method is executed, the planned hours are not properly adjusted. If the project has more than one task, some of the tasks are adjusted, while some remain with the original planned quantities.
  • Project Integration – The hours planned for a Team Assignment are not subtracted in, EPM if the project was initially created in E4SE.
  • Project Planner – The system loses any unsaved changes after the user clicks on, Budget revision or Set Resourcing buttons.
  • Project Planner – Once a project is inactivated in E4SE, you cannot view the Project Rules. The Project Rules button is disabled on Inactive project.
  • Project Planner – E4SE Installation Documentation is missing updated information about Crystal Server and Windows 2008 support.
  • Project Planner – An error message displays when opening the Team form without saving.
  • Project Resource Planner – “Spread Evenly” drops hours when no working days exist in the period.
  • Project Resource Planner – Resource Category dropdown filter not consistent with other filters. When using this Filter button, if you drop down the Resource Category selection, it shows the Resource Category ID’s rather than the Descriptions. All the other selections (Resource, Activity and Time Type) show Descriptions.
  • Project Rules – Negotiated Charge Rate Type on project rules is allowing blank entry.
  • Project Task Planner – When the task dialog for task and children task is open, children tasks display from more than one parent task on the same project.
  • Quick Project Setup – When creating a Project using a template, a “Object not found”, error displays when changing the customer or organization.
  • Quick Project Setup – The Bill Amount field in the Billing Schedules section of the, Quick Project Setup form accepts negative amounts.
  • Quick Project Setup – Project template with “Allow Summary Task” unchecked will create new projects with Allow Summary task checked.
  • Resource – In the Resource form, when user opens the Advanced Search for the Resource ID field and searches by Resource Type Code, the Search Results include all Resources regardless of which Resource Type Code value is selected.
  • Resource Allocation – When the Resource Allocation is run on a Special Event, it returns 0% availability. If you plan on that day and re-run the Resource Allocation, it calculates based on the planned time ignoring the Special Event.
  • Resource Calendar – When you click Create Group Event, a warning message displays and the event group is not created.
  • Resource Replacement – The form does not validate Inactive Resources in Post Event.
  • Revenue Recognition – When creating a draft for a project with materials, an error message displays.
  • Revenue Recognition – Revenue Recognition Manual Recognition Creates multiple recognitions with 0 amount recognized.
  • Revenue Recognition – Revenue Recognition Performance Issues.
  • Time and Expense Approvals – You can enter records with expense amount = 0 and mark them as ready for approval, but this will cause that the project/resource displays always in the time and expense approval form, but the records will be blank and cannot be approved.
  • Time and Expense Approvals – FinalizeApproveTime ws was generating deadlocks, FinalizeApproveTime ws needs to clear the error log before entering the transaction to prevent dead locks.
  • Time and Expense Approvals – A child row has multiple parent errors when approving time in PSA_ProjectOrgHistoryDetail_sp when Project.OrganizationEffectiveDate has the same value in the same revision.
  • Time and Expense Approvals – After you approve Times or expenses, Journals are not generated at resource database when you are using Approval by Resource.
  • Time and Expense Approvals – When approving grouped transactions from several resources, the only ones approved are the ones belonging to the first resource. The other transactions are ignored.
  • Time and Expense Approvals – Incorrect Currency Exchange Rates used in Expense, Transactions.
  • Time Entry – When doing an advanced search by Project Code in the Time, Entry form, several issues display.
  • Time Entry – The Print dialog in the Time Entry form displays some of the entered transactions in a day different from the actual Time Entry date.
  • Time Entry – An error message displays when copying time transactions to the current period.
  • Time Entry – Transactions are duplicated when copied from another transactions, these transactions are not visible to the user immediately after being copied, but after you save the form , then you can see how extra transactions were saved.
  • Time Report – Time Report does not show internal time.
  • Time Summary Report – Localization doesn’t work for web service string messages through Firesentry.

Happy installation!

Please comment below if you have any questions or need assistance.

Reference: Epicor for Service Enterprises Closed Issues Release Notes Version 8.2 SP 6 (E4SEReleaseNotesClosedIssues_8.2 SP6.pdf)


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