E4SE 8.2 – Service Pack 12

The E4SE 8.2 Service Pack 12 was recently release.  The following is extracted from the included Release Notes.  This post only includes update information from Service Pack 12.  Please refer to the documentation for previous updates and more detailed information.


Attachment Controls

  • Attachment Controls File Extensions section is disabled.
  • Dogears display in Attachment Controls when they are not needed.


  • Certification of Windows 2012 R2/IIS 8/Internet Explorer 11.

Currency Exchange Rates

  • Currency Exchange Rates.


  • Database 8.2 Upgrade and SP Upgrade Scripts “Identification” various.

Exchange Interface

  • Email of conflict when changing contacts.
  • Recurring Rule is not deleted when the private events are removed from E4SE.
  • Synchronization process does not handle meetings correctly.
  • Events of Epicor Event folder are duplicated with recurrence after second synchronization.
  • For conflicts in appointments, the Exchange data is updated in E4SE.

GL Posting Codes

  • No ability to assign alternate Posting Code for Interco Receivables.

SQL Jobs

  • Once set up, you cannot reset notification event back to Never.


  • no updates


  • no updates


  • no updates


Sales Order Management

  • no updates

Purchase Management

  • no updates

Inventory Management 

  • no updates

Shipping Management 

  • no updates

Receiving Management 

  • no updates

Product Data Management 

  • no updates


  • Billing Detail – Billing Detail Screen error on save after Write-off Expense.
  • Billing Summary – CreateDate is not correct.
  • Credit Detail – The Status field in the Credit History section does not reset if a bill is credited.
  • Credit Detail – Unable to create credit with 9000 detail lines.
  • Direct Recognition – Concurrency protection is not working.
  • Expense Entry – Attachment is removed from Expenses.
  • Expense Entry – ExpenseTax table at project site gets corrupted when updating a rejected remote expense.
  • Expense Transfer and Reversal – Tax amount gets over written during Expense Transfer
  • FireSentry – Display of Expense Receipt attachments for “non-image” file types is not working.
  • Project Resource Planner – Erros in Project Resource Planner PK when using multi-site planning.
  • Project Rules – “Created by” on notes is overridden when creating a revision.
  • Resource – Problem adding Rates on Resource page.
  • Resource Controls – Cannot link Partner and Resource Records.
  • Revenue Recognition – Incorrect Message when creating multiple Revenue Recognition drafts.
  • Revenue Recognition – Revenue Recognition Exponential Numbers can corrupt database.
  • Revenue Types – On Revenue Types, you can only set up one Type to use Time.
  • Time and Expense Approval – Intercompany Cost JEs at Resource Site are incomplete.
  • Time Entry – Using Favorite in Time Entry causes all activities listed.
  • Time Entry – Time Type default of Time Preferences is not working in Time Sheet/List.
  • Time Entry – Zeroed Timesheet cells can re-appear.
  • Time Entry – Error when using Calendar.
  • Time Transfer & Reversal – Amounts in records with T status are not accurate when performing more than one partial transfer.
  • Voucher Generation – Voucher Generations carries special characters to Job Entries.


View Service Pack 11 updates


Happy installation!

Please comment below if you have any questions or need assistance.

Reference: Epicor for Service Enterprises Closed Issues Release Notes Version 8.2 SP 12 (E4SEReleaseNotesClosedIssues_8.2 SP12.pdf)


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