Enterprise 7.4 – Service Pack 8

The following is a list of issues addressed in Service Pack 8 only.  This service pack was release Oct 8th, 2015.

General Compatibility Added

  • Client Environment:
    • Windows 8.1
    • Office 2013
  • Server Environment:
    • SQL 2014 R2 (32/64bit) (The database can be on a 64-bit machine, but application components and services must run on a 32-bit machine.)

Account Receivable

  • SCR Workflow AR Processing Options Changes not Saving in the configuration processing options of the report.

Account Payable

  • eBO – Vendor Maintenance <AP Remit to record created with wrong address type>
  • AP system lets user process EFT if Vendor Bank info hasn’t been approved
  • AP Unable to resize memory error when running Unposted Payment Adj Listing
  • AP Accruals Generator Errors related to new gltrx columns
  • AP Tiny font on the remittance section on the check

General Ledger

  • GL General Ledger report by Account code grouping by reference code
  • GL Inter-org transaction will create unbalance transaction
  • GL Intercompany journals getting wrong exchange rate causing an out of bal situation.

Asset Management

  • AM unable to change period start date twice in the Period to Period rec report.


  • PE Unable to launch explorer –  Error initializing the Explorer view data



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